Top 5 Healthy Habits for Seniors

  1. Follow an active lifestyle

A daily workout routine can be crucial not only for the young population but also seniors.

Combining cardio exercise with resistance workouts can help minimize mortality by increasing bone mass and body balance. Workouts may also allow you to minimize the odds of heart ailments.

Ideal workout routine for seniors:

30 mins workout sessions 5 times/week consisting of a minimum of 2 strength training exercise sessions.

  1. Eat a healthy diet

Following a healthy diet plan is also crucial for elderly who would like to enhance their day to day lifestyle.

Your particular diet might vary based on the recommendations of your physician & any present health concerns you are having. Nevertheless, most doctors suggest that seniors should follow a Mediterranean diet plan as it involves plenty of veggies, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins, in addition to healthy fats such as avocado and olive oil. Seniors must also try to minimize the intake of foods rich in sugar, and sodium.

  1. Be consistent with your screenings

Most elderly fail to take advantage of services which are offered to them. For instance, during their initial twelve month period on the Medicare plan, they are provided with free physical checkups. Once the initial period is ended, they’re also eligible for a free yearly wellness screening.

Seniors also need to visit their dentist without any gaps, particularly since the odds of cavities become higher and higher as we age. Conditions such as diabetes and heart issues are also associated with mouth infections.

  1. Pain relievers that contain natural ingredients

With age, it becomes more and more common to experience body pains and aches. Get quotes atĀ for supplement plans to save money.

You might be inclined to use an OTC painkiller in order to get instant relief from this problem. But, these medications can lead to serious health issues among seniors, particularly when you take them on a regular basis.

NSAIDs such as ibuprofen have been known to result in gastrointestinal bleeding, headaches, ulcers, increase blood pressure, liver problems, etc.

  1. Mental wellness must also be prioritized

Along with physical health, it is also necessary that you prioritize emotional & mental health.

Ensure that you take a sufficient amount of sleep. You also need to spend a good amount of time with your loved ones, particularly if you’re living alone.

About Medigap/Medicare Supplemental Plans:

Medicare Supplement Plans are those which help you cover out of pocket costs that aren’t covered under Traditional Medicare. So, if you’re considering a supplemental coverage to cover your health requirements, be sure to check them out.