Vitamin C: How It Can Help Seniors Improve their Health?

Vitamin C: How It Can Help Seniors Improve their Health?

Vitamin C is among those vitamins which must not be overlooked irrespective of your current. You can find plenty of Vitamin C in red peppers, oranges, kale, grapefruit, lemon, Brussel sprouts, along with a number of other foods. Below we have listed top reasons why seniors are encouraged to incorporate this important vitamin in their daily diet.

Reduction in the level of bad cholesterol

At present, a number of elderly folks seem to struggle with their cholesterol levels. Vitamin C is likely to help them reduce the levels of bad cholesterol levels in their blood by encouraging the process which converts unnecessary cholesterol to bile salts so that they are easily eliminated by your body.

Vibrant Skin

Vitamin C has been known to enhance the skin of elderly population which helps them build the confidence. In addition, studies have also revealed that a regular intake of vitamin C can be effective in reducing the wrinkles as well as preventing the sagging of your skin by enhancing its elasticity. Besides, vitamin C also protects your skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation which comes from the sun.

Reduced risk of stroke and heart disorders

Medicare Supplement plans 2019As it packs plenty of antioxidants, vitamin C is able to the odds of stroke and heart disease among the elderly population. The vitamin helps your body locate the harmful free radicals which tend to damage artery walls whilst increasing your odds of fighting these life-threatening disorders.

Minimized risk of cataracts

Along with reducing the odds of stroke as well as heart ailments, vitamin C is known to reduce the probability of developing cataracts in seniors by enhancing their eyesight. This is done by getting rid of unnecessary free radicals which develop due to the exposure to sun harmful radiation.

Regulated Blood Sugar Levels

Vitamin C can play a significant role in offering valuable nutrients for any person who’s suffering from diabetes. Vitamin C regulates the levels of blood sugar in your body that can protect the person against a number of complications that may arise as a result of diabetes.

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